• ITEM 1 - Hirer Details

  • ITEM 2 - Event Details

  • 8am - 2pm
  • Briefly describe the purpose for which you intent to hire the rooms (e.g. staff meeting)
  • ITEM 3 - Inclusions in Hire Agreement

    Select all that apply

  • Equipment

    VC Auditorium - Seating, Lectern + Table
    Foyer + Verandah - Tables, Chairs + Wall Mounted Urns
    Parents Room - Chairs, Microwave, Fridge + Toys
    Café + Kitchen - Hot Plate, Oven, Microwave + Bar Fridge
    - Please be aware that exhaust fans MUST be used when any foods are being prepared.
    - A fine of $1600 will be incurred by the Hirer should the fire alarm be activated and emergency services called.)
  • ITEM 4 - Invoice + Payment Terms

  • Agreed Payment
    VC will invoice at the end of each hiring period. The invoice/s will be sent by email to the contact email address specified in Item 1. Payment is to be made within seven (7) days of the invoice.
    Room/s hire and personnel hire fee is subject to annual review.
  • ITEM 5 - Additional Requirements

  • Alcohol + Food Consumption
    Consumption of alcohol on VC premises is not permitted. Doing so will terminate any hire agreement in place.
    No food or drinks(with the exception of bottled water) are to be taken or consumed in the VC Auditorium.

    Audio Visual Recordings
    The Hirer warrants that tin the taking of any photographs, film, video, sound or television recording or transmission, it has sought permission for the use of any copyrightable content as defined in the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth) and has not breached any of the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). The Hirer further warrants that any collection societies fees, the certificate of which must be provided upon request, will be paid in accordance with the law by the Hirer in accordance with Clause 5 Compliance With Laws and Regulations of this agreement.
    The Hirer will indemnify and hold harmless VC, its agents, employees, contractors, volunteers, management and directors, against any and all claims associated with the operation of this clause.

    Bump In / Bump Out
    Bump In and Bump Out must be completed within the time frame outlined in Item 2 of this agreement. The Hirer will be trained by VC how to bump in, use the facilities and bump out.

    VC Reserves the right to terminate the hire immediately if, in their opinion, the Hirer, their staff, agents, visitors or customers are in breach of any of these terms and conditions. The the event the Hirer, their staff, agents, visitors or customers are required to leave the premises immediately, taking with them their possessions and equipment. In the event of hiring terminated in such as manner, VC will not be responsible for any claims, losses, actions or damages incurred by or on behalf of the Hirer, their staff, agents, visitors or customers in respect of the terminations, nor will any hire charge be waived.

    Compliance with Laws + Regulations
    The Hirer must:
    - Pay all government taxes / levies dues as a result of hiring VC by the due date of payment; and
    - Obtain all necessary copyright and performance licenses and pay all fees and royalties due, including but not limited to those payable to APRA, as a result of hiring VC by the due dates for payment; and
    - Comply with and ensure its servants, agents, employees, contractors and invitees comply with all laws, orders and regulations and the requirements of a Government Agency.

    Decoration and Alterations
    The Hirer must not decorate, mark, paint, drill into, erect signage or equipment or otherwise alter any part of VC without prior written contact of VC, whose consent must not be unreasonably withheld. Under no circumstances is the use of of confetti permitted within the buildings or on the property as a whole.

    General Cleaning
    At the end of each day of the hiring period the Hirer, staff, agents, visitors and customers are to ensure the hired rooms are left as found, clean and tidy and all rubbish removed.

    VC staff will oversee bookings at their own discretion, and by mutual agreement.
    The Hirer will not use the room/s and equipment specified in Item 3 for any purpose other than that which is specified in Item 2. The Hirer, its staff, agents, visitors and customers will refrain from doing any act or things which will directly or indirectly cause damage to any part of the said room/s or to said equipment. In the event that, during the hiring period referred to in Item 2, any damage of any kind occurs to any part of the room or to any part of the equipment specified, the Hirer will pay VC in addition to the hiring fee a sum equivalent to the cost of repair of such damage or, if such damage is not reasonably capable of being repaired, the full replacement cost of the damaged item/s within 14 days of the specified event time/s.

    The Hirer shall indemnify VC from and against: all claims, demands, actions or proceedings in respect of death or injury howsoever and whomever caused of or to any persons which shall occur or arise from any incident or occurrence which shall happen while such a person is on or upon any part of the premises during the hire period or in respect of any loss or damage suffered or sustained by any person in consequence of any such death or injury which may be brought against or suffered by VC arising from or in consequence of the non-observance or non-performance of these conditions or any act, default or omission of the Hirer, their staff, agents, visitors or customers.

    The Hirer will effect and keep in operation during the hiring period a public liability and risk policy for a minimum cover of $10,000,000.00 with a reputable licensed insurance company. Such insurance shall extend to cover death or injury to any person and damage to any property of any such person sustained when such a person is using, entering, exiting or near the facility and a Certificate of Currency of such insurance shall be produced for inspection by the Hirer to VC prior to the commencement of the hiring period.
    The Hirer shall maintain workers' compensation insurance covering all persons employed including volunteer staff by the Hirer and with respect to whom death or bodily injury claims may be asserted against VC.

    The Hirer, their staff, agents, visitors or customers must not make or permit to be made any noise which may interfere with the use of other buildings or other Hirers or any adjoining neighbours.

    The Hirer, their staff, agents, visitors or customers are required to park vehicles in marked bays areas only and all care is to be taken while driving on the premises.

    Request for Room/s Hire
    All booking applications are subject to VC's approval and availability. The completion and submission of this application form do not guarantee the booking. A booking is not confirmed until written confirmation is sent by VC. VC reserves the right to refuse requests for room/s hire.

    VC accepts no responsibility for anything that is lost or stolen from its premises. Personal possessions are the sole responsibility for the Hirer or their customers and customers are advised to keep valuable belongings with them at all times.
    VC representatives will follow security procedures for opening and locking of premises during the hire period.

    Internet access is not included as part of this agreement. No access to any office areas, computers, photocopiers or printers will be granted while on the premises.
    A small fridge is provided under the counter in the Café area for the purpose of keeping food cool and a microwave for heating food for the use of the Hirer, the staff, agents, visitors and customers during the hire period.

    Third Parties
    Applications made on behalf of a third party must be declared at the time of booking.

    Terms and Conditions
    VC Terms and Conditions may be subject to change without prior notice.

    Use of Premises
    The Hirer, staff, agents, visitors and customers must only use the room as specified in this agreement. The Hirer must declare at the outset the purpose of the room hire and the room must be used for that purpose only; the Hirer shall not permit more than the maximum number of people specified in this agreement to be in the room at any one time.
    The Hirer must leave premises in a clean and tidy condition and air conditioner turned off each day. The Hirer agrees to indemnify VC against any and all loss, theft or damage caused, during the nominated hire period.
    The Hirer should be aware there is wheelchair access to the premises.
    During the hire period the Hirer, their staff, agents, visitors or customers shall be at liberty to use in common with other occupiers of the premises (including VC) and all other persons entitled to used them, the common entrances, washrooms, lavatories, stairways, halls, corridors, vestibules and any other such areas intended for time to time for common used by occupiers of the premises but only during the hiring period.

    If any provision of this agreement is invalid or unenforceable the remaining provision shall not be affected and shall be carried out as closely as possible according to the original intent.

    WHS Policies + Procedures
    The Hirer, its staff, agents and visitors are required to have read, understood and abide by Vineyard Church WHS Policy and Procedures (these will be emailed to you).
  • ITEM 6 - Hirer to Complete

  • I/We the undersigned, guarantee that I/we have read, understood the below booking/hire agreement terms and conditions, which I/we declare to be true and correct.
    If this section is not completed and signed, Vineyard Church (VC) will not be able to confirm your booking/hire.
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