The Jeremiah Project is a homeless ministry helping those in need in the Hawkesbury. Our ministry consists of 20 plus volunteers. Our focus is not on food alone but giving them love and compassion, healing their hearts and transforming them from the inside out.

The context in which we carry out our mission is unique, in that our primary purpose is to make the homeless community feel part of the “family”. Our message is no matter how hard things get, we will be there for them to give them assistance and emancipate them, as a family does.

Our hearts desire is for our ministry to grow and continue to provide not only love towards the Hawkesbury but also to give them Hope and a Future. We will continue to support them in all areas of their lives to help them get back on their feet.



38a Macquarie Street, Windsor NSW

Establish a permanent location to utilise as headquarters for the purpose of welfare, healing and catering for the physical needs (food, shelter and hygiene/health) of the homeless and vulnerable.

Cater for any women escaping Domestic Violence. Offering them temporary accommodation. Counseling and Physical needs.

Advocate with both Government and non- Government agencies for the human right to housing.

Work with government agencies on employment and upskilling avenues and options for homeless and vulnerable members.

Create a safety culture for all our staff and volunteers in every site and activity.

Ensure Hawkesbury Community Kitchen existing volunteers continue their services in food prep and assistance at a bigger venue, maintaining their current rent assistance provided.

Endeavour, through actively listening to those we serve, to undertake social service planning, development and provision. Our advocacy is informed by the views of people experiencing poverty or disadvantage.

Offer a place for the Youth to be able to connect in a safe environment.

Provide counselling and Pastoral care services.

On going support network provided. Chat and lounge rooms for those needing home comfort.

A safe haven for families with children of all ages to come in and receive the care they need in a loving and nurturing environment.



Not because they are more valuable than others, but because their needs are greater.

Loyalty in service to our Mission, Vision and Values.

Welcoming and serving all with understanding without judgement.

Service to all regardless of creed, ethnic or social background, health, gender or political opinions.

Living our mission, vision and values.

Working to transform the individuals affected by poverty, enabling them to emancipate themselves.

Encouraging spiritual growth and confidence in gaining their life back. Welcoming innovation and giving them Hope for the future.


Male 45-year-old:

Homeless on the street for approx. 12months due addiction to drugs. Reached out to us due to word of mouth from other homeless members. Started to serve and reach out to him in Nov 2019, mostly through our Tuesday night family sit down dinner. Members have accepted and received prayer and attends church regularly. Now lives on his own in an apartment, looking for work in the IT sector and receives continual Pastoral Care.

Male 65-year-old:

Elderly that was homeless for 5 years. Through The Jeremiah Project, members now attend church regularly. Lives on his own in a unit which he worked towards securing himself and is currently working towards reuniting with his estranged family.

Male 48-year-old:

An army veteran that served in Afghanistan: 5+ years living on the street. Upon initial meetings he was very reluctant to engage and would isolate from us. Evident suffering of PTSD while in service to the Army. The member would not accept any help, meals or connection. Through the journey as, The Jeremiah Project, opened our hearts and home to Him, the member expressed and demonstrated a sense of belonging and acceptance to connect and soften his heart due to the Grace of God. Member now lives in a caravan independently with work in landscaping lined up for the future.

Vineyard Church

357 Windsor Road, Vineyard NSW

02 4574 6100