God is on your side!

Relationship not religion

God is interested in a relationship with you not religious rules and regulations. No strings attached. Everything He says and does is welcoming you with open arms.

Religion is based on following rules and regulations, but a relationship with Jesus is about walking every day with Him knowing that it’s got nothing to do with what you do, but everything to do with how much He loves you.

God is a good God

You don’t have to do or say the right thing to please God. All he asks of you is to trust Him, believe what He says and believe in His son Jesus. God is good and has many good things for you;  healing, joy, freedom from guilt, depression, anxiety. His goodness is never ending.

There’s no need to work your way up ‘the ladder’ to heaven.’ Jesus has already come down to meet you where you’re at and have a relationship with you.

God is not angry at you, He loves you and He’s on your side. He is ready for you to experience all His goodness!

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